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Hope had been missing for five days.  Hope lived in a house out in the woods and Hopes owner was afraid that she was lost to the coyotes. For days she walked all around the woods surrounding their house.  Late in the afternoon on the fifth day she heard Hopes meows. They were coming from somewhere in the trees. 

She called me.  She took me to the spot out in the woods and we both listened for the meows.  They were faint and spread out.  The trees were very tall and the wind was blowing them a bit so Hopes cries were blowing around making it hard to tell where they were coming from exactly.  It was starting to get dark so I decided to climb the biggest tree and have a look around from there.

I set a line and started climbing, at about 50 feet I started looking and listening for her.  I spotted her at the very top of a smaller tree not far from the one I was in.  I went up and set my line high, then came back down and jumped for one of the branches on Hopes tree.  Once I got to Hopes tree and climbed up to her, her tree was bent way over from our weight. I was still tied into the first tree thankfully.  Hope climbed onto me in a panic, we rappelled down to the dark forest floor and a happy owner.


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