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Cat Rescue Number 295: Nina


Out on a small limb forty feet up, over stone walkways and steps Nina sat for three nights.  Nina was Johnny's cat.  From Johnny's second story window he could see Nina. At night he would leave his window open and try to calm her as she cried for help.

All the neighbors had come over to help.  “Leave some food out” they said “she will come down when she gets hungry.” Three nights later Nina was still out on the same skinny branch.  Johnny’s father had gotten an 18 foot ladder, set it up on the uneven ground, climbed to the very top of it with a drapes poll with the drapes still on.  He held the drapes up hoping he could get Nina to climb down it but he could not reach her.  Johnny’s grandmother came over to see if she could help.  She was almost blind and had a broken foot.  They helped her into the back yard where she tried to talk Nina down. Nina managed to walk in from the end of the branch to the trunk, but would not climb down the 40 feet of straight branchless trunk.

When I got there I set a line at 50 feet using a throwball, then climbed up the line right to Nina. I gave her some scratches behind the ears, put her in the carrier and rappelled down.

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