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Jasmine in a hard place

Jasmine in a hard place


When Jasmine gets stuck she gets stuck good.  Jasmine was 80 feet up a 120 Douglas fir tree that was covered in vines. The vines formed a mat four feet thick at the base of the tree and went nearly to the top.

The owner had been trying for days to get someone to help, the fire department had come out but could not get a truck to the tree.  A logger had come out but could not climb past the vines.  Finally they got my number from PAWS.

On the phone the owner told me it was an impossible spot to get to. How did he know that was the best thing he could say to get me there the fastest?

When I got there a group of neighbors had gathered. They stood around shaking their heads saying “you don’t know what you are in for” They led me to the tree, as we got closer I could hear her crying.

Sure enough the tree was huge and covered in a jungle of vines but I spotted a large branch about 55 feet up that would hold my weight.  I threw a throw ball up over the branch, pulled my climbing line over then started foot locking up, with a lot of “Oh my God’s, and “you have got to be kidding me” in the background.

I climbed through some vines to the trunk then worked my way up.  When I got to her she was calm and let me pick her up and put her in a carrier.  I rappelled down to a standing ovation.

The owner took her out of the carrier and gave her a hug as well as a sound scolding of “don’t you ever do that again.”



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